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USGS Regional Climate Downscaling

TitleUSGS Regional Climate Downscaling
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22) USGS Regional Climate Donwscaling

Contains: Hostetler data set and statistically downscaled data

Downscaled data:
Dynamical downscaling (RegCM2), Statistical downscaling - modified delta method - another access point:

Reference for stat. downscaling:

Littell, J.S., M.M. Elsner, G. Mauger, E. Lutz, A.F. Hamlet,, and E. Salathé. 2011. Regional Climate and Hydrologic Change in the Northern US Rockies and Pacific Northwest: Internally Consistent Projections of Future Climate for Resource Management.

a) dynamically downscaled data
b)statistically downscaled data

a) temperature based variables and indices, radiation, water balance, atmospheric and pressure levels related variables, 2D and 3D,
- 50 and 15 km resolution

b) Climate variables; hydrologic projections

Resolution - approx. 6km for Columbia, upper Missouri, and upper Colorado basins and approx. 12km for the Great and lower Colorado basins

a) daily, monthly, decadal;

North America (majority)
RegCM3 regional model

- NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis, GFDL CM 2.0 and the MPI ECHAM5, GENMOM GCMs used for providing boundary conditions

- Periods: 1968-1999, 2040-2069, and two simulations for 2010-2099.

A2 SRES scenario

b) Daily or monthy

Columbia, upper Missouri, Colorado basin, and the Great basin.

Ensemble of best models for these basins.

Periods 2030-2059, "2040s"; 2070-2099, "2080s") at 1/16th degree (~6km);

A1b emissions scenario

a) Steps: scenario, time interval, domain, model, variable, time month filter, color palette for map;




b) ascii grid (ArcGIS format)

a) Hostetler, S.W., Alder, J.R. and Allan, A.M., 2011, Dynamically downscaled climate simulations over North America: Methods, evaluation and supporting documentation for users: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2011-1238, 64 p.
Tools: Regional Climate Change Viewer;
Regional Climate Downloader;
“In addition to providing high-resolution weather and climate data for the past, present, and future, available on the website is an integrated data flow and methodology for processing, summarizing, viewing, and delivering the climate datasets to a wide range of potential users.”

This resource contains the Hostettler dynamically downscaled data set and statistically downscaled data (using modified delta method) from University of Washington.



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Contains the Hostetler dynamically downscaled data set and statistically downscaled data from U of Washington.
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