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This resource allows access to several downscaled data sets: the so called K. Hayhoe data set (using ARRM method); Maurer or BCSD data set; and the Hostetler dynamically downscaled data set;



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1a) USGS Geo Data Portal

Yes, Open Source codebase

Downscaled data: Statistical - BCSD and K. Hayhoe ARRM methodology; Dynamical - Hostettler data set from RegCM3 RCM.

- Observed gridded and point data
- Downscaled GCM gridded and point data
- Weighted area average statistics (Mean, Minimum, Maximum, Variance, St Dev, Weight_Sum, Count)
- Final summary of statistics by time step, polygon (region), or by attribute (variable)

- Tmax, Tmin, daily precip

- approx. 12km

- 15 km for Hostettler dataset;

- daily downscaled (K. Hayhoe, Hostettler data)
- monthly downscaled (BCSD Maurer et al. 2007, Hostetler data)

- decadal data - Hostetler dataset
- daily observed (Maurer et al. 2002)

-CONUS and Alaska

- Periods: obs 1950-1990; Hayhoe 1960-2099, BCSD 1950-2099

- Hayhoe data – PCM, CCSM3, GFDL2.0, GFDL 2.1, BCM2, CGCM3, CNRM, ECHAM5, ECHO, HadCM3; A1FI, A1B, A2, B1

- BCSD – 16 GCMs, 36 projections, A1B, A2, B1.

Hostetler dataset - GCM forcing - MPI ECHAM5, GFDL CM2.0, USGS GENMOM; periods 1968–1999, 2040–2069, and 2 simulations for 2010– 2099; A2

- Area or a point
- Algorithm – a) weighted grid statistics or b) feature coverage OPeNDAP intersection
(for (a) choose delimiter, statistics, group columns- by feature or attribute,  summarize time step or feature attribute)
- Available datasets
- Datatype
(model, emissions, variable)
- Data range (from to)

Output data – delimited text – comma or space.

- Polygons drawn by user or supplied as shapefiles, or chosen from a list of available shapefiles
- Complex polygons can be created because each click creates a point in the contours
- Several variable combinations can be run with 1 request related to one data set; separate data sets to be accessed with different requests
- Metadata about the provided data sets is available
- Allows for ensemble approach


S. Hostetler data: Hostetler, S.W., Alder, J.R. and Allan, A.M., 2011, Dynamically downscaled climate simulations over North America: Methods, evaluation and supporting documentation for users: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2011-1238, 64 p.

K. Hayhoe data: Stoner A., Hayhoe K. and X. Yang, 2012 - An asynchronous regional regression model for statistical downscaling of daily climate variables. Int. J. Climatol. DOI:10.1002/joc.3603



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Contains the Hayhoe data set, Maurer/Brekke/Bureau of Reclamation or also called BCSD data set, and the Hostettler data set.
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