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Pileus Project

TitlePileus Project
Publication TypeData Reference (data sets, data web portals, etc...)
Year of Publication2007
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Community Notes

From the web site:

"The overarching purpose of the Pileus Project is to provide useful climate information to assist decision makers. The current focus is on two leading industries in the Great Lakes region: agriculture and tourism."

From Richard B. Rood:

This web site is highly focused on agriculture and tourism for a specified set of stations that have long-term high quality data.  In the "Future Scenarios Tool," , are capabilites that in our stakeholder presentations the statekholders have liked.  



Open Source or not?



Types of data provided





Temporal and spatial scale of provided data;


Details and Emissions scenarios

Sequence of steps


Output choices


11) PILEUS project

Not open source?

Downscaled data: perfect-prog based multiple regression using large scale upper-air predictors for temperature
- logistic regression and decision tree classification  for precip occurrence and amount


- historical data
- indices related to agriculture and tourism
- future changes of these indices

- Tmax, Tmin, Precip

- station location
- Daily

- 18 stations in the Great Lakes area

- A2, B2

- CGCM3, HadCM3, CCSM1.x, ECHAM4 models
Historical tool – location, variable, data option and unit, time option; Data limitations listed;

Future scenarios Tool – location, sector, climate parameter – temp, variable type or time period,  base,  variable

From the Historical tool – listing of the data to be exported in EXCEL format;

- Historical and Future scenarios tools;
- explore historical trends
- The Future scenarios tool features - plots for reference climate; comparison by period; A2 vs B2; Trend 1990-2099;
- Perennial crop investment tool
- Historical Tart Cherry Yield
- Tart Cherry Phenology and Yield
- Tourism traffic tool
- Ski tool

- user cases – how to use the tools;

- audio and video learning modules;

- Allows for ensemble approach