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MACAv2-LIVNEH: Gridded Daily Statistical Downscaling of CMIP5 using LIVNEH training dataset

TitleMACAv2-LIVNEH: Gridded Daily Statistical Downscaling of CMIP5 using LIVNEH training dataset
Publication TypeManual Entry
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsAbatzoglou, John, and Katherine Hegewisch
USGS ScienceBase
PublisherNorthwest Knowledge Network
Type of ArticleSee
CMIP5, humidity, Livneh, MACA, precipitation, radiation, statistical downscaling, temperature, wind

This archive contains meteorological variables at the daily timestep and 1/16-degree resolution for the contiguous United States produced by the MACAv2-LIVNEH (Multivariate Adaptive Constructed Analogs) statistical downscaling method (Abatzoglou and Brown, 2012) performed on daily outputs from global climate model simulations of the historical (1950-2005) and future RCP4.5/8.5 (2006-2099) scenarios of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 5 (CMIP5) utilizing the Livneh et al (2013) training dataset. The MACA method removes biases in the global model variables and spatially downscales them using a variation of the constructed analogs method. To be consistent with the observed calendar, leap days have been added to the datasets by averaging values between Feb 28 and Mar 1.

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Gridded 1/16-deg(~6-km) statistical downscaling of 20 GCMs from CMIP5 for historical (1950-2005) and future (2006-2100) RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 scenarios utilizing the modified (v2) Multivariate Adaptive Constructed Analogs(MACA, Abatzoglou, Brown, 2011) statistical method and the LIVNEH(Livneh et al, 2013) training dataset for the surface variables: min/max temperature (tasmin/tasmax), precipitation(pr), downward solar radiation(rsds), wind speed(was) and specific humidity (huss).
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