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KNMI Climate Explorer

TitleKNMI Climate Explorer
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About the Climate Explorer
The KNMI Climate Explorer is a web application to analyze climate data statistically. It started in late 1999 as a simple web page to analyze ENSO teleconnections and has grown over the years to more than 1 TB of climate data and dozens of analysis tools. It is now part of the WMO Regional Climate Centre at KNMI, together with ECA&D.

This is scientific tool. Please verify yourself that the data you use is good enough for your purpose, and report errors back. In publications the original data source should be cited, a link to a web page describing the data is always provided.

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Community Notes

This site is a set of science-based tools with access to several data sources.  It started in the seasonal and interannual community and has grown to use climate data.  

It is very deeply embedded in the jargon of the scientific community, and it requires a lot of intrinsic knowledge.  

There are some precomputed fields and graphs that are interesting, especially as first looks from for a climate-research or interpretation.



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