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Great Lakes Integrated Sciences and Assessments

TitleGreat Lakes Integrated Sciences and Assessments
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The Great Lakes Integrated Sciences and Assessments Center (GLISA) bridges the gap between producers and users of scientific information. GLISA facilitates smart responses to climate variability and change.

The economy and ecology of the Great Lakes Region, and the wellbeing of its residents, are greatly affected by climate. The term climate describes the broad patterns of temperature and precipitation that influence local weather. Prudent decision making depends on taking account of the best scientific information available about climate variability and change in our region. GLISA helps provide that information in a way that can aid in effective decision making.

This website is a resource for anyone in the region who makes climate-sensitive decisions or studies climate-related systems. On this site, you can explore the GLISA organization, learn about climate change and variability in the Great Lakes basin, connect to research supported by and relevant to GLISA, and access tools and other support for making decisions that are impacted by climate.

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