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ESRL PSD Extremes

TitleESRL PSD Extremes
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Open Source or not?

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Temporal and spatial scale of provided data;


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21) ESRL PSD Extremes

Open source?

- calculated indices based on raw GCM data

- maps of Frich indices on global or regional scale

- Frich indices calculated from raw GCM data

~ 2.8 by 2.8 degrees
- Global and large regions (incl. US)

- A1b, A2 and B1

- 10 CMIP3 GCMs

- 20c3m experiment 1900-2000 (23 projections)
- 2000-2100 A1b experiment
(19 projections)
- To generate maps – input data – observed, model or diff; period or model scenario and period;  model or ensemble mean; index;  region; statistic;  override contour levels; masking options;

- ps or netCDF file;
- Plots of ensemble statistics – for historical and future periods – overall ensemble mean and overall ensemble standard deviation, and change in these.



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