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ENSEMBLES Downscaling Portal

TitleENSEMBLES Downscaling Portal
Publication TypeData Reference (data sets, data web portals, etc...)
Year of Publication2011
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Community Notes

This portal does NOT provide already downscaled data but ALLOWS for DOWNSCALING ON THE FLY.



Open Source or not?



Types of data provided





Temporal and spatial scale of provided data;


Details and Emissions scenarios

Sequence of steps


Output choices


2) ENSEMBLES portal

Open Source - Yes

Downscaling on the fly using analogs and linear regression, so far.

- Downscaled on the fly GCM data
- Results from downscaling method validation

- Tmax, Tmin, total daily precip

- stations or gridded data at required resolution

- Daily

- Main focus on Europe; potentially can downscale rest of the world

- Station and gridded data

- A1b, A2, B1

- BCM2, CNCM3, HadGem2, ECHAM5

Predictor fields -
dataset ERA 40 Reanalysis or NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis, period, region, variable, level, time (00z or 12Z);
Downscaling method;
Downscale – choose scenario, model and decade.

Output – time series in a csv format

- Downscaling on the fly
- Extensive validation section which includes results from cross-validation on the 25% of the available data – validation on a daily scale or 10-day aggregated scale – IQR, percentiles, variance, median, max, min and mean values; metrics of “accuracy” (Correl. coeff, MAE, RMSE, etc.) and “reliability” (Bias KS p-score, PDF score, etc.)

- Allows for ensemble approach
-Downscaling performed separately for each experiment and by decade
- User can upload proprietary dataset



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