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Downscaled Global CMIP3 Climate Data

TitleDownscaled Global CMIP3 Climate Data
Publication TypeData Reference (data sets, data web portals, etc...)
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsMaurer, Edwin
PublisherLawrence Livermore National Lab
Place PublishedGreen Data Oasis
Citation Key63
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This resource allows access to one downscaled climate projections dataset on a global scale.


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The downscaled projections data are monthly and cover the period 1950-2099. The data are available for the A1b, A2 and B1 emissions scenarios.

In addition to the downscaled projections the site provides access to global observations based gridded data as described in Adam and Lettenmaier, 2003, and as modified in Central America per Maurer et al., 2009.
The data are available on a daily and on a monthly scale. The observed data include Tmax, Tmin, Tmean, precipitation and wind for 1950-1999.


Adam, J. C. and Lettenmaier, D. P.: Adjustment of global gridded precipitation for systematic bias, J. Geophys. Res., 108, 1–14, 2003.

Maurer, E.P., J.C. Adam, and A.W. Wood: Climate Model based consensus on the hydrologic impacts of climate change to the Rio Lempa basin of Central America, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 13, 183-194, 2009.