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Climate Wizard Custom

TitleClimate Wizard Custom
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A custom version of Climate Wizard with a nice interface to selecting arbitrary geographical shapes.

This resources contains the BCSD or also called "Maurer" downscaled dataset.



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4b) Climate Wizard Custom Analysis at:

Not Open source

Downscaled data: BCSD

Same as for Climate Wizard.

Variables for future projections for US: precip (absol and % change), mean mon temperature,  moisture deficit, moisture surplus, PET, AET/PET ratio, SPI (seasonal precip index), rain anomaly index.

Variables for future proj for global: no SPI and rain anomaly index.

Variables for hist: only up to mean mon temperature plus mean mon Tmax and mean mon Tmin.

Same as for Climate Wizard. - Add area – predefined or upload shapefile
(list of predefined areas – US states, US Nat forests, WWF ecoregions, global regions, countries, custom areas);
- choose climatology (current or future modeled climate);
- climate variables – precip (absol and % change); mean mon temp, mean mon TMAX, mean mon TMIN; others ...
- Regions – US or global
- analysis options – departure (from 1961-1990), linear trend analysis,
-English units or not
- time options – start year, end year, annual, seasonal, monthly;
Results – need to specify filename, email address – results will be emailed.


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Contains indices calculated using the Maurer or also called BCSD data set.
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