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Climate Wizard

TitleClimate Wizard
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This is an interface to the so called "Maurer", also known as "Brekke", or "Bureau of Reclamation" downscaled CMIP3 GCM data set. 

There are good tools.

See also Climate Wizard Custom



Open Source or not?



Types of data provided





Temporal and spatial scale of provided data;


Details and Emissions scenarios

Sequence of steps to obtain data


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4a) Climate Wizard

Not open source (using ESRI for mapping )

Downscaled data: BCSD

- historical data – lower 48 states –PRISM at approx. 4 km monthly data, 1951-2006
- historical global – CRU 50km, monthly, 1951-2001

- future projections – US 48 states –BCSD, 2040-2069, and 2070-2099 periods.

- future global projections BCSD; 2040-2069, and 2070-2099 periods.

Variables – precip, average temperature

Resolution – global – 50km,
historical obs US approx. 4 km, projected future US approx. 12km

Monthly data, seasonal, annual

48 US states and global

16 CMIP3 GCMs,

A2, A1b and B1

- Area – US (also by state) or global
- Time period – historical, 2 future periods
- map options – map of average, of change or statistical confidence
- measurement – Tave or precip (on seasonal, annual or monthly scale)
- Future climate model – emissions scenario;

- map or the data for the map

- data in ASCII

- Caveats in the Use and Misuse of Climate Data and Analysis presented in the Climate Wizard
- FAQ with various information
- explanation on how to interpret a map
- case studies – how others are using Climate Wizard data

- maps of average of a variable for a period
- maps of change of a variable – absolute and % change; change calculated using linear regression trend analysis; maps of stat confidence, i.e., p-values also available.

- Information available on how to interpret historical climatology and change maps;

- Ensemble approach - ensemble ave, ensemble 20, 40, 60, 80% or lowest and highest; also separate models can be chosen;

- Compare future projections for several  models or ensemble choice

- Animate future projections changes – based on the ensemble mean for A2 scenario.



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