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CCAFS Climate Change Data Portal

TitleCCAFS Climate Change Data Portal
Publication TypeData Reference (data sets, data web portals, etc...)
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9) CCAFS - Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security

Downscaled data.
Using delta method, pattern scaling with ClimGen, with MarkSim, and dynamical downscaling from 1 RCM - PRECIS.

- AR4 downscaled data

- TMAX, TMIN, MeanT, precipitation

For some methods - rainy days, solar radiation and diurnal tempertaure range are available;

- monthly or daily depending on method;

- PRECIS – S.American Andes; 50 km resolution

- at least 4 GCMs per SRES scenario for each method;

- already prepared files – use a GUI to download.

- ARC-Grids, ARC-ASCII formats;

- WGS84 datum;

- Spatial downscaling –
Including delta method (baseline data WorldClim), pattern scaling with ClimGen – 7GCMs and A1b (1/2 degree resol, 2006-2010 period), pattern scaling with MarkSim weather generator (daily data, B1, A2, A1b, 4 GCMs, 2030s, 2050s, 2080s), dynamical downscaling PRECIS model for SAmerican Andes;
- Plots of projections by SRES emissions scenario and method

- Spatial disaggregation - based on delta method and WorldClim baseline data (about 24 models, 3 SRES emissions scenarios) at 30 arc-seconds, 2.5 arc-minutes, 5 arc-minutes, and 10 arc-minutes resolutions; monthly Tmax, Tmin, meanT, precip and bioclimatic variables;

- Useful documentation about the methods can be found here
- Tutorial to generate 19 bioclimatic variables from monthly datasets

This resource provides access to 4 downscaled datasets using 4 different downscaling methods.



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Delta, Pattern Scaling with ClimGen and with MarkSim WG, PRECISE RCM
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