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Bias Corrected and Downscaled WCRP CMIP3 Climate Projections

TitleBias Corrected and Downscaled WCRP CMIP3 Climate Projections
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This resource contains 2 datasets - the BCSD and the BCCA datasets.



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Downscaled data: BCSD, BCCA.

BCSD - Bias Correction/Spatial Downscaling

BCCA - Bias Correction/Constructed Analogs

- raw GCM data at 2 degrees
- downscaled GCM data at approx. 12km
- observed data at 2 degrees
- summary statistics for a chosen area
- 1/8 degree BCCA projections
- 1/8 degree obs data
- Monthly BCSD hydrology projections

- mean surface air temperature
- precip - mean daily rate during each month
- Tmax, Tmin
- hydrological variables

- 1/8 lat-lon, or approx. 12km

- Monthly data
- Daily data

- contiguous U.S. plus portions of southern Canada and northern Mexico

- 16 CMIP3 models for BCSD
- 9 models for BCCA – 2046-2065 and 2081 -2100.

- 20th century and A2, B1, A1b emissions scenarios

- Variables; emissions scenarios; models and runs;  time period; area or location;  analysis; output format; additional data products; notification; usage information.

netCDF or ASCII text, csv

- Analyses available including – period mean, period StDev, spatial mean, spatial StDev.

- Allows for ensemble approach

- Narrative about how does the method compare with other downscaling methods



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Contains the Maurer or also called Brekke/Bureau of Reclamation/BCSD data set, and the BCCA data set.
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The portal contains a set of hydrologic impacts related variables used as inputs or produced by applying BCSD downscaled projections as inputs in the VIC hydrologic model. The variables are: wind speed, soil moisture content, snow water equivalent, total runoff, several types of potential evapotranspiration, actual evapotranspiration.

The portals also contains bias-corrected GCM data at 2 degrees resolution.