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10-minute Future Climate Grids

Title10-minute Future Climate Grids
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5) U Wisconsin - Madison

Downscaled data - Anomalies of 21st century simulations (compared to 20th century) downscaled to 10 min resolution with spline interpolation and added to 10 minute mean 20th century climatologies of CRU CL2.0 – Delta method

- downscaled data

- ave temperature, precip

- 10 minutes

- monthly

- global

- periods – historical, 2041-2060, 2081-2100

24 GCMs,

A1b, B1, A2

Tables with data for download by variable for the globe.


For more information: Tabor, K. and J.W. Williams (2010). Globally downscaled climate projections for assessing the conservation impacts of climate change. Ecological Applications 20(2):554-565.

This resource provides access to only one dataset developed by using one downscaling method.


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University of Wisconsin dataset
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