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All of the projects on this site are listed below. If you plan to participate in a project, visit its page to subscribe for project membership, which grants you additional viewing and editing permissions.
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GLISA Program Manager Transition

This project page is designed to collect resources for the transition of program manager from Beth to the new PM. Additionally, it will serve as a resource hub for staff during the interim period.  
Project Members: Elizabeth Gibbons

The Great Lakes Adaptation Data Suite

Climate change poses significant risks and impacts to communities across the Great Lakes region. Inherent in preparing for existing and anticipated changes in our climate is a need for locally relevant and highly credible data and distilled...
Project Members: Omar Gates, Laura Briley

Python Resources

This project is intended to help anyone wishing to learn the python scripting language.

Applied Climate Student Projects

Here are the final presentations of the Applied Climate student projects.
Project Members: Laura Briley, Omar Gates, B.J. Baule

ITCM Flooding Scenarios

GLISA is working with the Inter-Tribal Council of Michigan to develop climate scenarios for the tribes to consider that are modeled after the 2016 Wisconsin floods that caused extreme damage to infrastructure and ecosystems, among other entities.  
Project Members: Laura Briley, Omar Gates

Climate Narratives for Adaptation Planning

GLISA is developing narrative-based climate scenarios accompanied by maps, tables, and other quantitative information to aid those in climate change adaptation planning.  These scenarios provide the climate-based information that planners can use to...
Project Members: Laura Briley

Ice Cover

This project is dedicated to better understanding and communicating the science of lake ice cover trends and variability.

Climate Model Consumer Report

GLISA is hosting a scholar during summer 2018 to investigate the use of consumer report style documents for communicating information about climate model quality.  The description of the project follows: Climate change adaptation practitioners in...

Sustained Assessment of Precipitation and Extreme Precipitation

There are scientific and practical needs for an updated description of the challenges/barriers to studying precipitation and extreme precipitation across the Great Lakes region. This include a summary of non-integrated US/Canadian data, Canadian...