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Lake Levels: Lake Huron

This project ties into the Great Lakes Climate Change and Lake Levels Project. It puts together the resources and information necessary to understand Lake Huron's historical, present, and potential water levels, as well as what those might mean....

Lake Levels: Lake Superior

This Project is based on the general Great Lakes Levels Project; The goal is to gather all available historical data and knowledge on the specific mechanisms affecting Lake Superior Lake Level.   The information gained from this project will help to...

On-Farm Water Recycling as an Adaptation Strategy for Drained Agricultural Land

This project will evaluate the potential benefits of drainage water storage and recycling systems under future climate conditions by revisiting data from three wetland-reservoir-subirrigation systems constructed in the 1990s and monitored for 12...
Project Members: B.J. Baule, Samantha Basile

Climate Model Scenario Guidance

This project's goal is to collect, synthesize, and provide guidance on the treatment of emission scenarios in climate model projections.  Mainly, we aim to help users understand the purpose of the different types of scenarios (SRES versus RCP) so...

Integrating Great Lakes Climate Data for Decision Making

This project aims to build a coordinated climate outreach effort between six regional sustainability institutions spanning the Great Lakes region. This network of institutions will be brought together to learn how to access climate adaptation data...

Apostle Islands

This climate change scenario planning work with Apostle Islands follows after the work that was completed for Isle Royale.  Our work for Apostle Islands will focus mainly on: Sustained Assessment: Lake Level and Ice Cover Reuse to Accelerate the...

Consideration of the Impact of Climate-Change on Lake Levels in the Management Plans for Great Lakes Tribal Fisheries

For Indigenous peoples in the Great Lakes region (including federally-recognized Tribes), water is a fundamental element of spiritual, cultural, economic and political significance. Tribal governments, Indigenous organizations and individual...

Lake Levels: Lake Erie

Lake level informational resources related to Lake Erie is collected here. Related Projects: Great Lakes Climate Change and Lake-Level Lake Levels: Lake Huron Lake Levels: Lake Superior Lake Levels: Lake Michigan
Project Members: Laura Briley, Kyle Klein

WMSBF Adaptation Toolkit for Resiliency Champions

Previous work to facilitate shared understanding of diverse climate resiliency needs and perspectives among interdisciplinary stakeholders identified barriers to introducing climate science to strategic planning and decision-making within businesses...

Precipitation IDF Curves

This project focuses on collecting information related to IDF curves that water managers use in decision making with the goal of being able to provide guidance on the future of IDF Curves under changing climate conditions.
Project Members: Laura Briley, B.J. Baule

Freezing Rain in the Great Lakes Region

[project description goes here]

Maxent Modeling in the Great Lakes Region

Maxent is a species suitability model that uses maximum entropy to find the most likely area a species resides in in relation to different environmental variables. The output is a raster map with habitat suitability values ranging from 0 to 1 at...
Project Members: Laura Briley, Elizabeth LaRue