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Adapting to Climate Change and Variability: Planning Tools for Michigan Communities

Members of MSU Extension collaborated with two Michigan communities to determine vulnerabilities, strengths, and knowledge related to climate change. The two communities, Marquette, Michigan and the Southwest Michigan Planning Commision (SWMPC)...

Making it Personal: Diversity and Deliberation on Climate Adaptation

Climate vulnerabilities are distributed unevenly across races, ethnicities, classes, ages, incomes and genders. Health burdens are disproportionately located in urban heat islands with low tree canopy density. However, climate adaptation discussions...
Project Members: Hannah Heyman, Daniel Brown

Tribal Adaptation Planning through Participatory Foresight Development

Climate change could weaken the connections between tribal traditional knowledge and the ecology of their homelands. Traditional knowledge is seen as an important contributor to climate adaptation planning for both American Indian communities and...

WI and IL Ravine Restoration under Climate Change

A series of ravines along the shoreline of Lake Michigan have become a major focus of conservationists in Northeast Illinois and Southeast Wisconsin. Restored ravines protect property values, drinking water quality, and recreational opportunities....

Helping Marina and Harbor Operators Respond to Climate Change

Private marinas and small municipal harbors are struggling to fund needed improvements. The recent trend towards low lake levels and increased storm surges caused by climate change only amplify this economic hardship. Though a variety of climate...

Heat and Human Health: Present and Future

Extreme heat events are linked to mortality rates, making them an important research subject in both the climate and public health fields. This research evaluated trends in extreme heat events using observational station data and evaluated long-term...

Great Lakes Climate Adaptation Documents Analysis

project description goes here
Project Members: Hannah Heyman

Analysis of Great Lakes Climate Adaptation Networks

GLISA is mapping climate policy networks in the region. By surveying stakeholders and the people and organizations with whom they communicate and collaborate with on climate-related issues, we are better able to understand the structure of...

Evaluation of GLISA Technical Assistance Projects

project description goes here
Project Members: Hannah Heyman

Great Lakes Evaporation: Implications for Decision Making and Water Resource Management

Variations in Great Lakes water levels impact numerous sectors, including hydropower, navigation, recreation, aquatic ecosystems, and shoreline residents. This project was able to integrate and compare data from existing observational sites in Lakes...
Project Members: Hannah Heyman, Daniel Brown

Modeling framework for informing decision-maker response to extreme heat events in Michigan

Extreme heat events are responsible for more annual deaths in the United States than other natural disasters combined, and global and regional climate models have indicated that more severe and longer lasting heat events are likely to occur in the...
Project Members: Hannah Heyman, Daniel Brown

Attitudes Towards Climate Change in Michigan’s Downhill Ski Sector

This project assessed the potential impacts of climate variability and change on winter sports and state parks in Michigan. Researchers interacted directly with the winter sports industry and state park managers to identify vulnerabilities and...
Project Members: Hannah Heyman, Daniel Brown