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Indicator Suite and Winter Adaptation Measures for the Chicago Climate Action Plan

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Project Description

This project was designed to help the Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Program (IISG), GLISA and NOAA’s Midwestern Regional Climate Center (MRCC) formulate a suite of climate change indicators for local officials and their partners to assist them in making more effective winter climate change adaptation decisions. There is a critical need to identify and select science-based climate change indicators that can be used to educate and inform the public and decision-makers about how to plan for climate change and the actions that can address the projected impacts of this change. These indicators could also be used as thresholds to trigger the implementation of municipal adaptation strategies, as well as provide metrics for local officials and the public to assess how well their municipal climate change adaptation measures are working (complementing the Chicago Climate Action Plan’s on-line “dashboard” being developed to assess the City’s climate change mitigation performance).

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