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Downscaled projections data portals

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Project Description

The goal of this project is to provide the users of climate projections with up to date information on the available portals of downscaled climate projections data for the United States and globally. This site provides several capabilities to the users:

1) The list of portals and the information about the details of the available datasets are organized in a table. There are several elements of that table such as name of the available dataset/s, spatial extent, resolution, available variables, time period, etc. The resources are classified as a 'data portal' if they provide access to at least one downscaled climate dataset.

2) The first collumn of the table allows the users to access a summary information site for each portal. The summary information site contains more detailed description of the data available at a portal and the URL for portal access. On this site interested users who have had experience with the application of these data in real-world problems could share their experiences in the Comments section.

3) The information of the main table can be searched and subsetted by using several key words. The interactive search capability can be accessed by clicking on the following link or also on a link located immediately above the table with information.


The Downscaled data portals project site is located within the Great Lakes Integrated Science and Assessments (GLISA) organization collaborative environment. A goal of the GLISA environment is to provide opportunities for the co-development of climate impacts related information through collaboration between climate scientists and climate information users.


This project is a collaboration of several organizations:




Disclaimer: This project provides short summaries of the information about the datasets available at the original data portal sites. The information presented by this effort is being updated regularly but it is possible that specific dataset details could change between updates. This project is not responsible for the quality of the data provided at the listed URLs for data access.