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Climate Model Consumer Report

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Project Description

GLISA is hosting a scholar during summer 2018 to investigate the use of consumer report style documents for communicating information about climate model quality.  The description of the project follows:

Climate change adaptation practitioners in Great Lakes Region are in need of high-quality, regionally relevant climate information.  Climate models are one main source of information, but many models struggle to credibly represent the Great Lakes Region—the processes responsible for producing lake-effects and lake-induced modifications of weather are often poorly represented or missing from climate models.  Practitioners are not necessarily expert in evaluating the credibility of models, so GLISA has taken on this task as part of their Great Lakes Ensemble project. 

The scholar’s role in this work will be to work with GLISA and practitioners to develop a consumer report style framework for synthesizing GLISA’s model evaluations.  More specifically, the scholar will:

  1. Research examples of existing consumer reports to identify commonalities and the basic components of a consumer report.
  2. Research past and current efforts to produce consumer reports for climate information.
  3. Work with GLISA faculty and staff to translate their findings for the development of a Great Lakes Consumer Report for Climate Models.

Anticipated outcomes of the scholar’s work include:

  1. An annotated review of example consumer reports (preferable with emphasis on climate information if they exist)
  2. A list of recommendations for developing a consumer report
  3. A prototype consumer report framework for the Ensemble project