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Consideration of the Impact of Climate-Change on Lake Levels in the Management Plans for Great Lakes Tribal Fisheries

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  1. Visualizing relationships between hydrology, climate, and water level fluctuations on Earth's largest system of lakes | Clites, A. H., Smith, J. P., Hunter, T. S., Gronewold, A. D.
  2. Regional, Habitat, and Human Development Influences on Coastal Wetland and Beach Fish Assemblages in Green Bay, Lake Michigan | Brazner, J. C.
  3. Climate Change Adaptation Plan for Coastal and Inland Wetlands in the State of Michigan. | Christie, J., Bostwick, P.
  4. Great Lakes Coastal Wetlands: An Overview of Controlling Abiotic Factors, Regional Distribution, and Species Composition. | Minc, L. D.
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  7. Climate change scenarios for Great Lakes Basin ecosystem studies | Mortsch, L. D., Quinn, F. H.
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