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Assessing and Mitigating Municipal Climate Risks and Vulnerabilities in York Region, Ontario

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Project Description

By building on previous work on municipal climate risk and vulnerability assessment by the Ontario Climate Consortium in the Region of Peel for the 2012-2013 round of GLISA funding, this project is intended to advance the following three overall objectives: (1) develop greater awareness and recognition of the importance and nature of climate change risks, vulnerabilities and need for adaptation among municipal staff and decision makers; (2) create greater capacity to conduct risk and vulnerability assessment and adaptation planning across municipal management and service areas; and (3) produce detailed information on one of the highest priority risks within York Region as an example, or template, for adaptation planning in York Region. The project will provide identification of municipal management and service area risks in York Region (climate hazards, impacts, and systems/components), a risk database populated with basic information on the management, service area risks, and trends on these risks, a refined protocol for York Region climate change risk analysis (suitable across Great Lakes), climate trends for variables to represent key hazards in York Region, and detailed characterization of the risks in municipal stormwater management.