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Lake Ontario Climate Change Scenario Planning

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Project Description

In our project, Using Future Scenarios to Identify Potential LaMP and Watershed Planning Measures for Climate Change Adaptation along Lake Ontario, we propose to extend the results of a Lake Ontario scenario exercise completed in 2012 to assist the New York State Department of Conservation (NYSDEC) and its partners to update the Lake Ontario 2008 LaMP while also providing similar information to inform local watershed plans.  During a two-day workshop, diverse stakeholders utilizing the scenarios, accompanied with alternate extreme climate precipitation projections and potential impacts on water resources and habitats, will brainstorm how they might react to four sets of future changes.  In the process, these stakeholders will discuss and determine what actions may be needed, the pros and cons of those actions and identify other needed data in order to assist the Lake Ontario basin to become more resilient to a changing climate.  These results will be packaged for LaMP stakeholders and watershed planners to consider when writing and updating their documents.