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Detroit Climate Action Plan

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Project Description

The Detroit Climate Action Collaborative (DCAC) was established to help the city of Detroit identify short and long term actions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, provide expert advice on the most credible, aggressive and economically viable targets, develop a replicable and complete Climate Action Plan, and to ready Detroiters for coping with the impacts of climate change.

To inform the process, a team of five School of Natural Resources and Environment master's students at the University of Michigan will complete a baseline GHG inventory for the City of Detroit, at the municipal and community levels as well as document trend GHG emission data for recent years.

Because this is a grass-roots effort, community engagement is key. Students, working with DCAC members, will be essential in this community engagement and will gain insight into mitigation and adaptation planning, leveraging resources in resource-scarce times, as well as facilitating collaboration and information sharing across government departments, businesses and non-profit organizations. 

DCAC endeavors to develop a comprehensive Climate Action Plan to reduce Detroit's carbon footprint. As a key participant in this effort, SNRE students will 1) measure past and present GHG emissions; 2) identify source distribution and magnitude of emissions and 3) collect, enter, analyze and interpret GHG data, and make recommendations for reducing GHG emissions. DCAC will use findings to develop specific measures and actions needed to achieve targets and address emission-generating activities. Students will engage with city officials and utility companies to collect and analyze GHG emissions.

GLISA provided DCAC with a summary of climate changes impacts Detroit is likely to face. Read the summary here. Or, read the one-page Executive Summary.