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Michigan Public Health and Climate Change

About Resources

Project resources consist of any published materials the project used to inform its work. Draft documents or other materials that should be shared privately with the project team can be added in the Workspace.

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  1. Michigan Climate and Health Profile Report | Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, GLISA
  2. Sensitivity of US air quality to mid-latitude cyclone frequency and implications of 1980–2006 climate change | Leibensperger, E. M., Mickley, L. J., Jacob, D. J.
    Journal Article (refereed)
  3. Climate Change Health Threats Web-based Tool
    Web-based Tool
  4. Heat in the Heartland: 60 Years of Warming in the Midwest
  5. Regional Climate Trends and Scenarios for the U.S. National Climate Assessment Part 3. Climate of the Midwest U.S.
    Government Report
  6. National Climate Assessment Human Health Chapter
    Government Report
  7. National Climate Assessment Health Bibliography
  8. National Climate Assessment Draft Report for the Midwest
    Government Report
  9. National Climate Assessment Midwest Future Climate | Julie Winkler, Ray Arritt, Sara Pryor
    White Paper
  10. THE WCRP CMIP3 Multimodel Dataset: A New Era in Climate Change Research | Meehl, Gerald A., Curt Covey, Taylor, Karl E., Delworth, Thomas, Stouffer, Ronald J., Latif, Mojib, McAvaney, Bryant, Mitchell, John F. B.
    Journal Article (refereed)
  11. Impacts of Climate Change on Public Health | Daniel Brown, Elizabeth Riggs
    GLISA Report
  12. Climate Change and Waterborne Disease Risk in the Great Lakes Region of the U.S. | Jonathan A. Patz, Stephen J. Vavrus, Christopher K. Uejio, Sandra L. McLellan
    Journal Article (refereed)