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All of the projects on this site are listed below. If you plan to participate in a project, visit its page to subscribe for project membership, which grants you additional viewing and editing permissions.
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Huron River Watershed Council

The Huron River Watershed Council is facilitating a project convening Peer Learning Groups to build the capacity of professionals and community decision makers to address the water-related impacts of climate change at the local level. View the HRWC...

Basic Climate Information for Great Lakes

GLISA is developing climate information materials and products to serve the climate change problem solving community that is engaged in GLISA projects.  Many times the products GLISA develops are basic-level information for the Great Lakes region...

Communicating Climate Change Information

There is a lot of climate information available, but proper communication of that information will help to make it more useful to non-scientists.  This project aims to develop tools/resources for GLISA clients that will help to present climate...

Site Administration

Here are resources related to maintaining and administering this site.
Project Members: Laura Briley, admin admin

Climatology Summaries

This is an ongoing effort to maintain, update, and improve the summaries of historical climate data collected at point stations throughout the Great Lakes region.  Station Climatologies are available on the GLISA main site:

Knowledge Systems and Problem Solving Environments

Various problem solving environments are explored (with emphasis on the problem solving environment). 
Project Members: Laura Briley, Richard Rood

Climate Change Problem Solving Templates

Templates for incorporating climate information into decision making
Project Members: Laura Briley, Richard Rood

Climate Variability: El Nino La Nina

project description goes here
Project Members: Laura Briley, Richard Rood

Downscaled Climate Projections

Research related to downscaled climate data sets/projections

Great Lakes Climate Change and Lake-Levels

We are collecting information and resources related to Great Lakes water levels that can be used for a Great Lakes section in the next National Climate Assessment. In the project pages below, you can find various basic information on the lakes,...

Missouri River Drought and Flood

This project is associated with a National Climate Predictions and Projections (NCPP) Platform prototype.  The goals of the prototype were to advance the use of global seasonal predictions to U.S. regional activities, providing guidance to...
Project Members: Laura Briley, Richard Rood

Educational Resources on Climate and Climate Change

This is a collection of resources that answer the question - where do I get started on climate science and the impacts of climate change?
Project Members: Richard Rood, Laura Briley