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What are the radiatve forcing projections of each of the four major RCPs, and what do these projections say about the general concentration of greenhouse gases from the present day-2100?

RCP2.6: Increase in radiative forcing to 2.6 W/mby roughly 2050, then no change or even a slight decline through 2100

  • Implies strong changes in energy usage and public policy leading to a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions

RCP4 and RCP6: Increase in radiative forcing to 4 and 6 W/m2, respectively, by 2100. A general plateau occurs for each scenario.

  • Implies some changes that will curtail some greenhouse gas emissions while others remain on the rise

RCP8.5: A steady, unabated increase to 8.5 W/m2 by 2100 with no plateau in sight. 


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  1. incorporate the summary table here
  • Implies little/no change and a large increase in greenhouse gas emissions leading to a severe spike in the overall temperature of the Earth
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