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Available Years of Data: 
Length (years) of Files: 
Spatial Coverage: 
Spatial Resolution (atmospheric): 
Lake Treatment: 
Atmospheric Dynamical Core: 
Mean Temperature Output Name: 
Mean Temperature Temporal Frequency: 
Min/Max Temperature Output Name: 
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Total Precipitation Output Name: 
Total Precipitation Temporal Frequency: 
Convective Precipitation Output Name: 
Convective Precipitation Temporal Frequency: 
Precipitation Units: 
Sea Level Pressure Output Name: 
Sea Level Pressure Temporal Frequency: 
Sea Level Pressure Units: 
Wind Output Name: 
Wind Temporal Frequency: 
Wind Speed Units: 
Snow Depth Output Name: 
Snow Depth Temporal Frequency: 
Snow Depth Units: 
Snowfall Flux Output Name: 
Snowfall Flux Temporal Frequency: 
Snowfall Flux Units: