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Climate Variables


Resources in the Resource Library that are data sets or data portals are listed in the table. Narrow the results in the table by selecting filters or using the general keyword search.

Data Set Name Alternate name(s) these data are known by Data Type Downscaling Method Variables
NorESM1_M Decadal Model Projections for Temperature and Precipitation CMIP5 GCM Output
Time Series Analysis of 20 Years of Hourly Precipitation in Southwest Michigan Station Observations Precipitation
The Simulation of Daily Temperature Time Series from GCM Output. Part II: Sensitivity Analysis of an Empirical Transfer Function Methodology Station Observations
Great Lakes Station Climatologies Station Observations Temperature, Precipitation
NOAA Atlas 14 Precipitation Data Precipitation Frequency Data Server (PFDS) Station Observations Precipitation
Adjusted and Homogenized Canadian Climate Data (AHCCD) AHCCD Station Observations Surface Air Temperature, Precipitation, Surface Pressure, Surface Wind Speed
Canadian Climate Normals or Averages Station Observations Rainfall, Snowfall, Extreme Precipitation, Ave Temperature, Temperature (max/min)
Canadian Daily Climate Data (CDCD) Station Observations Temperature, Precipitation, Snow on the ground
Digital Archive of Canadian Climatological Data (Surface) Station Observations
A trend analysis of the 1930-2010 extreme heat events 1 in the continental U.S. Station Observations