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Climate Variables


Resources in the Resource Library that are data sets or data portals are listed in the table. Narrow the results in the table by selecting filters or using the general keyword search.

Data Set Name Alternate name(s) these data are known by Data Type Downscaling Method Variables
CMIP3 Climate Model Documentation, References, and Links GCM Output
ESRL PSD Extremes GCM Output
An Overview of CMIP5 and the Experiment Design GCM Output
CMIP3 Multi-Model Dataset GCM Output
CMIP5 Multi-Model Dataset GCM Output
Ontario Climate Change Projections (OCCP) GCM Output, Downscaled Projections Statistical - Kalman filter
GFDL CM3 Decadal Model Projections for Temperature and Precipitation CMIP5 GCM Output, Downscaled Projections Statistical - delta Temperature, Precipitation
Precipitation and Temperature Trends in the Upper Peninsula CMIP3 GCM Output
Selection of CMIP5 Model Ensemble for Great Lakes Region CMIP5 GCM Output
Ensemble Model Inventory GCM Output, Downscaled Projections