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Data Set Name Alternate name(s) these data are known by Data Type Downscaling Method Variables
Pileus Project Downscaled Projections, GCM Output, Gridded Observations, Station Observations Statistical Low Level Air Temperature, Precipitation, Temperature, Temperature (max/min), Water Temperature
Downscaled Global CMIP3 Climate Data Downscaled Projections, Gridded Observations Statistical - BCSD Precipitation, Temperature
USDA Geospatial Data Gateway Gridded Observations Precipitation, Temperature
The frequency and intensity of Great Lake cyclones Gridded Observations Low Level Air Temperature, Precipitation, Surface Pressure, Temperature, Temperature (max/min), Water Temperature
Canadian Forest Service regional, national and international climate modeling GCM Output, Gridded Observations Precipitation, Temperature
Midwest Climate Watch Gridded Observations Precipitation, Temperature
NCDC Monthly Station Normals Gridded Observations Temperature, Precipitation
NOAA Climate Data Online Gridded Observations, Station Observations Temperature, Precipitation, Snowfall
US Climate Divisions Dataset nClimDiv Gridded Observations Temperature, Precipitation
University of Delaware Air Temperature & Precipitation UDel Gridded Observations Temperature, Precipitation