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Data Set Name Alternate name(s) these data are known by Data Type Downscaling Method Variables
Bias Corrected and Downscaled WCRP CMIP3 Climate Projections Contains the Maurer or also called Brekke/Bureau of Reclamation/BCSD data set, and the BCCA data set. GCM Output, Gridded Observations, Downscaled Projections Statistical - BCSD, Statistical - BCCA Precipitation, Tmax, Tmin, Ave Temperature
ENSEMBLES Downscaling Portal Downscaled Projections Statistical-analogs, Statistical-linear regression Precipitation, Tmax, Tmin
Climate Wizard Custom Contains indices calculated using the Maurer or also called BCSD data set. Downscaled Projections, Gridded Observations Statistical - BCSD Precipitation, Potential evapotranspiration, AET/PET, Standardized Precip Index, Rainfall Anomaly Index, moisture deficit, moisture surplus, Ave Temperature, Tmax, Tmin
Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts (WICCI) WICCI Downscaled Projections Tmin, Tmax, Precipitation
USGS Geo Data Portal Contains the Hayhoe data set, Maurer/Brekke/Bureau of Reclamation or also called BCSD data set, and the Hostettler data set. Downscaled Projections, Gridded Observations Statistical - ARRM, Statistical - BCSD, Dynamical (RCM) Precipitation, Tmax, Tmin
USGS CASCaDE Project Downscaled Projections, Gridded Observations Statistical-constructed analogs Tmin, Tmax, Precipitation
WorldClim Downscaled Projections, Gridded Observations Statistical - delta Tmin, Tmax, Precipitation, Ave Temperature
CCAFS Climate Change Data Portal Downscaled Projections Statistical - delta, Statistical - pattern scaling, Statistical - delta and weather generator, Dynamical (RCM) Tmax, Tmin, Precipitation, Solar Radiation, Rainy days, Diurnal Temperature range, Ave Temperature
NEX Downscaled Climate Projections at 30 arc-seconds (NEX-DCP30) Downscaled Projections Statistical - BCSD Tmax, Tmin, Precipitation
Gridded Observed Meteorological Data (Maurer) Maurer et al Observations Gridded Observations Average air temperature, Precipitation, Tmin, Tmax