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About the Climate Workspace

The Climate Workspace was developed by the Great Lakes Integrated Sciences + Assessments Center (GLISA) to support their role in bridging the gap between producers and users of scientific information.  The Climate Workspace offers the technical platform for sharing resources, expertise, and solutions around specific climate related questions and problems that groups of people are working to address.  Each question/problem is explored in its own project space with project members.  

​The intent is for future projects to be able to leverage and extend the work of past projects.  This is accomplished through the active participation of project members when they share their expert knowledge on resource and project pages.     ​

Main Site Features Project Space Features
  • Project Spaces
  • Ability to develop private/public project pages
  • Ability to import/export bibliographic references (resources) and associate them with projects
  • Option to leave expert guidance or instruction about those resources (on individual resource pages)
  • Option to tag resources with key search terms (on individual resource pages)
  • Flexible (Resource Library) and structured resource searches (Advanced SearchData Library) that are an aggregate of project resources
  • Site-wide Glossary that is an aggregate of all project glossaries
  • Project description
  • List of members/Options to subscribe to project
  • Space to upload and list relevant project resources (Project Resources)
  • A glossary of terms (Project Glossary)
  • Space to develop project pages to share information, expertise, and/or solutions (Project Workspace)