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NOAA CPC (Climate Prediction Center) .25x.25 Daily US UNIFIED Precipitation

TitleNOAA CPC (Climate Prediction Center) .25x.25 Daily US UNIFIED Precipitation
Publication TypeData Reference (data sets, data web portals, etc...)
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsHiggins, R. W., W. Shi, E. Yarosh, and R. Joyce


A principal goal of the GEWEX Continental-Scale International Project (GCIP) Program is to improve the analysis of precipitation over a range of space and time scales. Over the past several years the Climate Prediction Center (CPC) has developed a US Precipitation Quality Control (QC) System and Analysis that addresses two principal aspects of this goal: 1) Improved QC of raingauge data used in precipitation analyses for the United States and 2) Improved precipitation products and applications in support of climate monitoring, climate prediction, and applied research. Specific topics covered by this Atlas include:

1. Development of the U.S. precipitation QC system and analysis;

2. QC Initiatives involving radar and satellite data;

3. Daily, monthly and seasonal precipitation products / applications;

4. A Unified Raingauge Dataset (URD) for the U.S. (1948-present);

5. A daily precipitation reanalysis for the U.S. based on the URD.

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Community Notes

These precipitation data have been used as a basis for comparison and evaluation of climate model projections.

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